Corona Virus A biblical perspective


Is This God’s Hot Wax Weekend?

    There are many wondering about what is going on right now. Is this virus God’s wrath on America or the world? I was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about a Hot Wax Weekend. A weekend car show with special music was coming up. It made me think of a scripture that I read in Exodus 22:24. “My wrath waxes hot!” (KJV) God was talking about His wrath waxing hot towards those who disobey Him. There is a Hot Wax Weekend coming! Someday in heaven, there will be a Hot Wax Weekend. The question is, “Will His wrath wax hot towards you?”  If you continue in sin and disobedience, it will. If you repent from your sins and call upon God to forgive you then His wrath will not wax hot towards you.
Is this Corona Virus the beginning of God’s Hot Wax Weekend? I thought it would be good if we try to get a Biblical perspective. It seems like any time something bad happens to our nation all of a sudden all sorts of ‘so-called’ prophets rise up who say they have a message from God for our country. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe God does speak to a nation through His spiritual leaders. But I am careful who I listen to. All sorts of Bible passages start getting passed around and people who are not familiar with the Bible get confused.

Be careful who you are listening to

People to stay away from:
1.     Stay away from the TV preachers, the sensationalist, people who are always selling their latest books and making way too much money!
2.     Stay away from the self-proclaimed lone ranger preacher who says he has a word for America. Stay away from preachers who are not connected to any national church association and are not accountable to anyone but their own local church, yet they feel like they speak to the nation.
3.     Stay away from people who think it is a conspiracy. These people think every bad thing that happens is some conspiracy, i.e. a plane crash, death of someone famous, a bomb explosion, etc. Their thinking is flawed and it is based on them having some so-called inside information that no one else knows.
Here is what I look for before I start listening to people who are saying they have something to say to our nation. Now I am not talking about local church pastors, I am talking about someone who says they have something to say to our country. Someone who says they have a national ministry.
1.     I look for spiritual leaders who have been leading in ministry for many years, spiritual leaders who have proven themselves.
2.     I look for spiritual leaders who are pastors of large churches, 1000+, and are part of an association of churches. This shows that they are accountable to a group of people that they cannot have undue influence over. I believe that pastors of large churches are leaders of leaders and do have a voice beyond their own local church.
3.     I am open to listening to national directors of large church associations.
When it comes to men or women speaking to a nation I would expect several of these leaders to agree on whatever that message is. “In the mouth of two or three let every-thing be established.” 2 Corinthians 13:1. In other words, if they are the only one sounding the alarm I would not be listening. I realize this is my own opinion but it has helped me stay centered and focused. I don’t like so-called lone rangers or spiritual leaders who are sensationalists or alarmists or who are always finding some new or hidden revelation out of God’s Word and selling their latest book.

This is not the first time the world has faced a pandemic.

   There have been at least three great world plague pandemics recorded, each time causing devastating mortality of people across nations and continents into the millions. They were caused and transmitted by bats, rats and fleas. During these pandemics, many people often felt it was the beginning of the end or it was God’s judgment.

 Is God judging America?

   There are many places in the Bible that connect drought, famine, pestilence and defeat in war with God’s judgment on a person or people because they have turned from Him. See Numbers 25:9-11, 1 Chronicles 21:12, 2 Chronicles 21:12 to name a few) However, the Scriptures do not always connect sickness to God’s judgment because of personal or corporate transgressions. In the New Testament, Jesus corrected His disciples’ faulty reasoning that tied all physical sufferings to personal sins. (John 9:1-3) In the gospel of Matthew 8:23, we read the story of Jesus calming the storm while He was in the boat with His disciples. Jesus rebuked the storm as though it was an attack from the devil. It is clear here that this storm was NOT the wrath of God judging them for their sin. It was the devil trying to destroy Jesus and His disciples. Also in the Book of Job, the horrific destruction of Job’s children and all of his wealth came as a result of an attack from the devil. These stories show us that sometimes bad things could be an attack of Satan. So, according to the Bible, tumultuous times can be EITHER the result of God’s wrath or the devil trying to destroy God’s people. We must be very careful jumping to quick conclusions whenever bad things happen to people or to a country.
It is obvious that our country has fallen away from our Christian foundations. So, yes, it is possible that God is judging America for our sins. But it is not only the United States that is struggling but the entire world. It is also possible that Satan is trying to destroy America and these other nations because he hates us. Jesus said that the devil came to steal, kill, and destroy. (John 10:10) Satan hates people and he knows that anything he can do to destroy and hurt people hurts God’s heart. Much like the devil was trying to destroy Jesus in the boat and like the devil was trying to destroy Job, this virus could be the work of the devil that we must resist. As of right now, I have not personally heard a clear word from God regarding this virus. I have not heard from any spiritual leaders, that I respect, give a clear word from God. Until I hear from God, I am going to lean towards the belief that this is NOT God judging the United States but rather this virus is the work of the devil trying to kill, hurt, and destroy. I am standing on Jesus’ words in John 10:10. I am going to do everything in my power to pray against it and help all those who are suffering as a result of it.

 Is this the beginning of the end of the world?

   I have studied end-time prophecies in the Bible for forty years. I will gladly and humbly admit that I do not have the full revelation of what exactly the end times are going to look like. I believe the Book of Revelations is about the end times but to be sure, it is somewhat difficult to understand. I have my personal view of how it is all going to unfold, but I will humbly admit that if the world ends tomorrow, I was wrong! But according to my view of how the world ends, as recorded in the Book of Revelations and elsewhere in the Bible, I do NOT believe that what we are experiencing right now is what is spoken about during the last seven-year tribulation. So no, I do NOT believe this is the beginning of the end!
Now, I do believe we are moving closer to the end times. I believe things are happening that are bringing us closer to the time of the tribulation. I do believe things like the internet, moving towards a cashless society, world travel, talk of a one-world government, anti-Christian movements, and so on, are all moving us towards the end. But I DO NOT believe the seven-year tribulation that is spoken of in the Book of Revelations has begun yet.

 Some Bible passages I have heard people quoting
1.     Revelations chapter 6. This chapter speaks of the 4 horsemen judging the earth. These horsemen are prophesied to bring war, famine, death caused by a pandemic, and death caused by the beasts of the earth (rats, mad cow disease, swine flu) to the extent that one-fourth of mankind will be slain! I do NOT believe that the Corona virus is the fulfillment of Revelations Chapter 6. I believe that the seven-year tribulation that is spoken of in the Book of Revelations lists off a sequence of events that have to take place. Things like a one-world government, a one-world economic system, and the rise of a one-world leader all need to take place first. Once we see this then these judgments of the 4 horsemen will begin to happen.
2.   Isaiah 26:20. Did God speak about a time He would quarantine everyone? In this chapter He was speaking prophetically about the nation of Israel. It seems this is an end-time prophecy to be fulfilled in the Book of Revelations during the tribulation. This passage is NOT speaking about the quarantine we are all experiencing right now.

 What should we do?

1. Do a little soul searching
“In the day of hard times we should consider.” (Ecclesiastes 7:14). Ask yourself are you right with God? If you feel this pandemic is an expression of divine punishment against sin, then repent and ask God’s forgiveness.
2. Pray for our governmental leaders for God to give them wisdom.
I think it is good to try to respect them and trust them as much as possible. That is what the Bible says.
3. Get connected to a faith community, a church.
Don’t be isolated. Quarantines can isolate people. During plaques in the past, people deserted loved ones, friends and neighbors. Rather than only worrying about yourself, look out for others. Check in on your neighbors, friends, relatives, co-workers. Ask them if they need any help. Even if they don’t need help just say hello and engage in conversation. Walk in love towards others. Be outward focused.
4. Have some preparations for emergencies.
Do you have access to clean water and food for 30 days or more? Are you connected to a farmer in case the food chain breaks? Do you have some cash and some first aid supplies? Consider what it would be like to be without electricity.
5. Ask God what He would have you to do.
Believe Romans 8:28. “All things work together for the good to those who love God and are called according to His purposes.” Everyone can do something. Ask your pastor if there is something you can do. Check with community leaders, civic groups, neighborhood groups, etc. Be creative.
6. Trust God. Don’t panic or be fearful.
These are times that test our faith. If we give in to fear then we are not trusting God. There is so much bad news out there, that it is easy to become fearful. Make sure you are feeding your spirit and soul with regular Bible reading, quiet time for prayer, and worship music.

I hope this helps. Praying for God to deliver us from this evil.

Pastor Dave



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