You’ve got a wedding invitation


Revelations Chapters 17 through 19

You’ve got a wedding invitation


This week’s reading is found in Revelations 19:9, “Blessed are those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb.” I have officiated many weddings in my life. After the wedding ceremony, there is the reception. I don’t know of too many other celebrations that are more exciting, fun and enjoyable than a wedding celebration. They are filled with great food, dancing, toasts, and laughter! According to this passage, there is going to be one final wedding that will take place in heaven. After it, there is going to be the biggest wedding reception in the history of the world! The music, food, laughter, and dancing are truly going to be “out of this world!”

One thing for sure, though, there will not be any wedding crashers at this wedding reception. Only those who have their wedding invitation will be allowed in. In Luke 14:15-24 Jesus told a story about this wedding feast. It appears that the invitation has been given to everyone, but many have refused to come. Many made excuses that they were just too busy and could not come. Don’t make this mistake! God is preparing for a great day in heaven when all of His followers will be gathered together to celebrate what Jesus has done. It will be like a great wedding when Jesus is united with His church and the reception is going to one that people will be talking about forever! Do you have your invitation?

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