Harps or Hail!


Revelations Chapters 14 through 16

Harps or hail!


This weeks’ reading is found in Revelations chapters 14 and 15. It talks about people playing their harps in heaven. Now I am not a musician and playing the harp in heaven never seemed to be of great interest to me, but when given the option of either playing the harp in heaven or experiencing the alternative mentioned in 16:21 “Great hail from heaven fell upon men, each hailstone about the weight of a ton.” I like the idea of playing the harp!

The Book of Revelations may be hard to completely understand, but one thing becomes very clear, a day of judgment is coming! People may get away with doing bad things for a while but there will be a day when everyone will be held accountable before God. Those who have chosen to reject God’s ways, those who have chosen to follow their own ways will experience judgment and punishment that is almost too hard to comprehend. According to these chapters, there really are only two choices. Either we chose to “Follow the Lamb wherever He goes,” 14:4, and “Keep the commandments of God,” 14:12 or we chose to “worship the beast,” 14:9, and “Blaspheme the name of God…and not repent.” 15:9. Like it or not, it is coming! Make your choice now before it is too late.

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