When I get to heaven, I get what???


Revelations Chapters 1-3

This week’s reading is found in Revelations 2:17. “To him who overcomes … I will give him a white stone, and on the stone, a new name written which no one knows except him who received it.” I remember reading this one day and then I stopped and began to pray about it. “Wow God that is so great, if I overcome all these temptations and serve You my entire life when I get to heaven You are going to give me a rock! Thanks, just what I always wanted, a rock! I mean what am I going to do with a white stone? How about at least some wings and a harp!” Then God revealed something to me about this white stone. This white stone will be a little secret between God and me, a name that we call each other that no one else can enter into. Sort of like the funny names that husbands and wives call each other. “Honey, sweets, babe, dear, binky, etc.” The white stone is sort of like a secret club that only you and God belong to.

We sometimes have this fear that when we get to heaven we will be lost in the crowd. We fear that only the bigwigs will hang out together with God and we will be left off in the corner by ourselves. Moses, Noah, Abraham, David, Daniel, Peter, Paul and so on, will be the only ones who get to hang out with God. Not so. Each one of us will have a special relationship with God that no one else can enter into. This white stone guarantees immediate access to God’s attention. God knows us by name. What a feeling. Once I was at a meeting with a big-time pastor in the city. I was a young guy at the time. At the end of the meeting that pastor came up and called me by my name! I was so honored. “Wow, he knew my name!” I was so honored. “Wow, somebody famous knows me.” Imagine how it is going to feel when God calls us by our name! In Isa 65:24, we read, “Before you call, He will answer, while we are speaking He will hear.” Somehow when we are in heaven we will have God’s undivided attention when we talk to Him! We won’t be lost in the crowd, we won’t end up in the corner all by ourselves. We will have God’s special attention in heaven even with all the bigwigs. Now I don’t know about you but that does something for me! Forget the harp and wings and give me that stone!

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