False faith!


James Chapters 1 through 3

This week’s reading is found in James 2:20 “Faith without works is dead.” Many Christians do not understand that faith is an action word. There is a saving faith but after that there is action faith. Many Christians never get to this stage of their Christian life. They either get stuck on the overcoming temptations part or they get stuck on the fact that God wants them blessed part. But this part about doing something productive with our faith is not optional. James is saying that our faith without any measurable works is worthless! It is sad that some people never get past the issue of fighting temptations and trials, but Christianity is much, much more than overcoming temptations. James takes us to the next level which is; becoming doers of the word, active faith. When we gather together as saints for church it is like coming to practice, but the real game is out in the world, Monday through Saturday. Sometimes we think all of Christianity is practice sessions. We forget that we are supposed to be in the game.

There are really two kinds of faith, true faith, and false faith. False faith appears to be like true faith except it lacks practical concern for others. False faith is more interested in going to church and reading the bible and praying than it is in helping people in need. False faith has a hard time showing mercy. True faith involves obedience to God and practical concern for others. True faith is more interested in helping others in need. True faith is the willingness to take a risk, even for strangers. True faith rejoices in mercy. True faith in a person’s life can be observed not heard. It is exhibited in a changed life, a changed world view. One that actually does something to help others.

Faith without works cannot be called true faith and a dead faith is worse than no faith at all! True faith works, it produces, and it is visible. Verbal faith is not enough. Mental faith is insufficient. What kind of faith do you have?

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