Why we should go to church


Hebrews Chapters 10 through 13

This week’s reading out of Hebrews 10:25 is “Do not forsake the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.” This is a reference to a regular gathering of God’s people. I am amazed at how many people don’t have any hesitation when it comes to skipping church. “I am tired, the weather is too cold, I have a lot to do today, I don’t feel good, etc.” Many Christians today attend church on average about two times a month throughout the year. What we need to realize is that gathering together on Sunday is the one great opportunity we have each week for God to breathe new life into us. Sure we can seek to do this on our own, but God has made us in such a way that we do best when we are in community with others. People who miss church regularly tend to miss out on the blessings of God. It is that simple. I can say without a doubt, one of the best things I have ever done in my life is to make sure that I was in church every Sunday. Even before I was a pastor, attending church was important to me. It was my opportunity to truly connect with God, open my spirit up for healing, direction, challenge, encouragement and so on. Actually, I am six three and if I do the math correctly I have been to church every Sunday of my life except five Sundays. That would be about 3309 Sundays I have sat in God’s house, give or take a few when I was too young to know. I am grateful for each and every one of those opportunities and I can think of many of those Sunday’s where I had a true encounter with God’s Holy Spirit. Even on the Sundays which just seemed normal I know I exercised my spirit and left there stronger in my inner man, and better able to walk out my work week. Make it a point, establish this as a non-negotiable, attending church every Sunday should always be a part of your life. Your life will be better for it.

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