Coincidences or divine intervention



This is a letter Paul wrote to his friend, Philemon. He was asking for a favor. Philemon had a slave whose name was Onesimus. It seems that Onesimus had run away and done his master wrong and somehow ended up in Rome, met Paul and became a Christian. This was not a coincidence since it just so happened that Paul knew Philemon as a close friend. Paul writes this letter to encourage Philemon to forgive his slave and receive him back as a brother. How did this happen that a slave runs away and goes to another country and just so happens to run into a friend of his master? This is no coincidence. This was divine intervention. There are no coincidences in life. God is active in each of our lives, whether we recognize it or not. He is always working on our behalf trying to help us and bring us into a place of recognizing His love for us.

The Bible is full of stories that seem like coincidences but are really the guiding hand of God. When the Pharaoh’s daughter just happened to find baby Moses in the river. When Ruth just happened to go into Boaz field to glean the crops and Boaz just happened to see her that day. When Philip ran to meet the caravan and just as he got there the Ethiopian eunuch just happened to be reading the Scriptures about the Messiah. My life is full of instances that were way more than coincidences! As I look back on these events my faith in God is always strengthened. Someone recently gave me a book, “When God winks at you.” It is a great read, all about how God can speak to us through the power of coincidences. These extraordinary events happen to us for a reason. They can change the course of our life or just reinforce the reality that God is working in our lives. They can strengthen our faith, be an opportunity to bless someone else, reassure us of His love and even be the answer to something we have been praying about. May God open our eyes to these ever frequent experiences when God is reaching out to us. They are not coincidences, they are divine intervention.

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