Good works, good works, good works.


Titus Chapters 1 through 3

I became a born again Christian August 5, 1973. I joined a Jesus people commune. I went out witnessing the very next day, telling people that God had saved me! We lived together, worked together and studied the Bible together every night. By September I was told that I was ready to give my first Bible study. That’s how we did it back then! I chose Titus Chapter 3. It was a personal revelation that I had received about the importance of doing good works. There seems to be a lot of confusion about good works among Christians. This is not new. It has been around since the writing of the New Testament. There are some who think they will be saved by their good works. There are others who know they are not saved by their good works, yet they do nothing to help others. There are those who think that their good works make God love them more. Paul in this letter to Titus, chapter 3, mentions good works three times. In verse 1 he says, “Be ready for every good work.” Christians should be living a life that keeps them available to help others when there is a need. We should not be living a life that is so busy that there is no room to give our time or money to help others in need. Then in verse 5, Paul says, “Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us.” Here Paul is making it clear that even though good works are important, no matter how many good deeds we do, we can never save ourselves by our good works. Anyone who thinks that when they get to heaven God is going to let them in because they have done a lot of good deeds is in for a big surprise! No one is good enough to undo the death sentence that is in each of us because of our sins. It is only, “By the washing of regeneration and the renewing of the Holy Spirit,” (vs 5) that anyone will ever be saved. Then in verse 14, Paul mentions good works again, “Learn to maintain good works to meet urgent needs that they may not be unfruitful.” Here Paul is making sure that we understand even though we are not saved by our good works we should be doing good works. Paul is teaching that good works should be a regular part of every Christian not because we are trying to earn our salvation but as a fruit, as a by-product, as evidence of having God’s Holy Spirit living inside us. May good works, especially those that meet urgent needs, be the testimony of each of our lives.

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