Being thankful for ALL things?


Ephesians Chapters 4 through 6

This week’s reading is found in Ephesians 5:20. “Giving thanks, always, for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” When I read this I felt prompted to stop and just meditate on all the things I was thankful for. As I was doing this a few things came to my mind that I was not thankful for. So I began to pray and ask God how could I be thankful for ‘all’ things since there were some things that I was not happy about in my life. I sensed the Holy Spirit challenge me to find something I could be thankful for even in those situations that were difficult. I began to think of things that I could be thankful for, grateful at least that the situations were not as bad as they really could have been, relationships that maybe were not as good as they could be, but at least there were some good things in that relationship to be thankful for, health that maybe was not perfect but still grateful that I was able to do all things that I could still do. In the process of doing this, I felt a true sense of the presence of God and actually a birth in my spirit of a seed of hope. Maybe these things were not as bad as I had thought and even if they were, there was hope that they could get better. Complaining starts first in the mind and then finds its way out of our mouths. When we complain it is almost like pronouncing a curse. When we are thankful in our minds that thankfulness also finds its way out of our mouths. Being thankful, though, is like speaking life into situations. It drives away darkness and despair. Be thankful for ‘all’ things, both the good and the bad. Every time the temptation to complain springs up in our minds, ask God to help you find at least three things to be thankful for in that situation. I believe God will honor this and bring new life in places where there once was only despair.

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