How to be a voice in someone’s head


I Thessalonians Chapters 1 through 5

This week’s reading is found in 1:1-10. A while back I had the opportunity to talk with several people that I had not seen in many years. It was great seeing them and talking. One of them said something to me that just kept ringing over and over in my head. They said, “Pastor Dave, even though we have not been at the church for many years, I still hear your voice in my head!” What an incredible thing. Whether we realize it or not we are the voice in some people’s head. Thessalonica was a church that was a voice in the head of many churches. Since we are going to be the voice in someone’s head, here a few things that can help that voice be one that encourages people in their faith.

The people in Thessalonica had what is called the ‘holy trinity” of the Christian walk. They had the “work of faith, labor of love and patience of hope” active in their lives. This means that their faith was alive and active. This is talking about doing something with their faith, like what James says in his letter, “Faith without any outward works is dead.” These people understood that their service to God included more than just going to church and believing in Jesus. Their faith produced action in serving people. This is the “work of faith.” They did it because they loved the people they were serving. This is the “Labor of love.” Love needs to be at the core of serving if we want our voice to be heard in someone else’s head. They were patient with people, especially in difficult times. This is the “patience of hope.” When our Christian faith includes this “holy trinity” not only will we be a voice in someone’s head but that voice will be one that encourages them in their faith in God. What voice are people hearing in their head when they think about you?

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