Beautiful feet!


Today’s reading is found in Romans 10:15, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace.” Let’s be honest, some people have feet that are not really that beautiful, but apparently when we go about spreading the gospel of peace our feet are beautiful to God! Whenever pastors talk about sharing the gospel with the lost, people tend to feel a little guilty. Most of us feel like we are not doing very well at witnessing. Over the years I have read many books on evangelism. Most of these talk about memorizing certain scriptures so that you can share them with people when you are telling them about God and His ways. Also, I have read some books that give you specific answers you can have prepared so you are ready when you are asked standard questions about God. These are all good to do, but the most effective way I have found to preach the gospel of peace is to have a very close relationship with God and as you go through life be willing to share with others what God is doing in your life. It is pretty simple, really. Sometimes people do not understand the importance of the relationship between a testimony and witnessing. When we share a testimony, we are telling someone something specific that God has done in our lives. Witnessing sometimes is telling a person some facts about Christianity or about how to become a Christian. Witnessing is most effective when we combine it with a personal testimony about what great things God has done for us.

Whenever I have done this I have found it to be well received. People don’t feel threatened when you are sharing something about your own life, even if it is talking about God. Also, if there is any interest in what is going on in your life this is their opportunity to ask. If they don’t ask, then I move on. This takes a lot of pressure off of me, thinking that I have to witness to everyone and have to know all the answers before I can share my faith. All I need to do is to stay close to God and continue to allow Him to change my life. Sharing that will others will make my feet beautiful. How are your feet looking?

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