Rise, kill and eat!


Today’s reading is from Acts 10:13. God told Peter to, “Rise, kill and eat!” How would you like to hear God say that to you? This was part of a vision that Peter had where he saw all sorts of animals come down from heaven in a sheet, both clean animals and unclean animals. Then he heard God tell him to kill them and eat them. Peter, at first, refused. Since he was Jewish he had never eaten unclean meats, like pork or shell fish which would have been in this group of animals that he saw. God told him not to call these meats unclean anymore since He had cleansed them. There was symbolism here, as this vision took place three times and just when it was done, three Gentiles came to his house to ask him to come and preach to them about Jesus. The Jewish people felt that anyone who was not Jewish was unclean and they would not associate with them, but after this vision Peter knew that this separation was no longer to be followed since Jesus had died for all men and made us all one.

The question I have is, “Do you think Peter ever ate ‘unclean’ meats after this?” I think he did and I think there is no difference between clean meats and unclean meats today. Also, I think the fact that God said, “Kill and eat” means that this must be a good thing. So instead of being a vegetarian, I am going to obey God and ‘kill and eat!’ The only difference I am going to make, though, is that the meats that I eat will not be the ‘manufactured’ meats that are sold in stores. I am going to be eating organic or natural meats. What are your thoughts on this?

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