Don’t succeed at the wrong thing


This week’s reading is from Matthew 4:19-20. Jesus called Peter and Andrew to follow Him. Then we read that they left all to follow Him. It would appear to be irresponsible for them to give up their jobs. They had a lot going on right then and it would seem like they were throwing all of that away. I think they knew something that so many of us have to learn the hard way. If you succeed at the wrong thing, you fail. All of us know successful failures don’t we; people that are really successful and really unhappy. They succeed at things that just don’t really matter, or there is just no fulfillment at the end of the day. My heart breaks for those kinds of people. It happens too often, that people climb the ladder of success and then realize it is leaning against the wrong wall. Peter and Andrew could have climbed all the way up the ladder of success, and could have had a huge business with fast food fish sandwich franchises all over Israel, but felt like a total failure, because they really would not have pursued what God had called them to do.

When God stirs something in your heart you need to be careful not to brush it off with good excuses, like, “I can’t right now. I have too many responsibilities. I am too busy, etc.” It is so easy to ignore the passion that God has put in our heart. We put it off with legitimate excuses. “I have to take care of my family.” Is it possible that we are just hiding behind legitimate excuses?

If we want to be a part of advancing the Kingdom of God and living a spiritual adventure, start saying ‘yes’ when the Holy Spirit is prompting you to do something.