Corona Virus A biblical perspective


Is This God’s Hot Wax Weekend?

    There are many wondering about what is going on right now. Is this virus God’s wrath on America or the world? I was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about a Hot Wax Weekend. A weekend car show with special music was coming up. It made me think of a scripture that I read in Exodus 22:24. “My wrath waxes hot!” (KJV) God was talking about His wrath waxing hot towards those who disobey Him. There is a Hot Wax Weekend coming! Someday in heaven, there will be a Hot Wax Weekend. The question is, “Will His wrath wax hot towards you?”  If you continue in sin and disobedience, it will. If you repent from your sins and call upon God to forgive you then His wrath will not wax hot towards you.
Is this Corona Virus the beginning of God’s Hot Wax Weekend? I thought it would be good if we try to get a Biblical perspective. It seems like any time something bad happens to our nation all of a sudden all sorts of ‘so-called’ prophets rise up who say they have a message from God for our country. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe God does speak to a nation through His spiritual leaders. But I am careful who I listen to. All sorts of Bible passages start getting passed around and people who are not familiar with the Bible get confused.

Be careful who you are listening to

People to stay away from:
1.     Stay away from the TV preachers, the sensationalist, people who are always selling their latest books and making way too much money!
2.     Stay away from the self-proclaimed lone ranger preacher who says he has a word for America. Stay away from preachers who are not connected to any national church association and are not accountable to anyone but their own local church, yet they feel like they speak to the nation.
3.     Stay away from people who think it is a conspiracy. These people think every bad thing that happens is some conspiracy, i.e. a plane crash, death of someone famous, a bomb explosion, etc. Their thinking is flawed and it is based on them having some so-called inside information that no one else knows.
Here is what I look for before I start listening to people who are saying they have something to say to our nation. Now I am not talking about local church pastors, I am talking about someone who says they have something to say to our country. Someone who says they have a national ministry.
1.     I look for spiritual leaders who have been leading in ministry for many years, spiritual leaders who have proven themselves.
2.     I look for spiritual leaders who are pastors of large churches, 1000+, and are part of an association of churches. This shows that they are accountable to a group of people that they cannot have undue influence over. I believe that pastors of large churches are leaders of leaders and do have a voice beyond their own local church.
3.     I am open to listening to national directors of large church associations.
When it comes to men or women speaking to a nation I would expect several of these leaders to agree on whatever that message is. “In the mouth of two or three let every-thing be established.” 2 Corinthians 13:1. In other words, if they are the only one sounding the alarm I would not be listening. I realize this is my own opinion but it has helped me stay centered and focused. I don’t like so-called lone rangers or spiritual leaders who are sensationalists or alarmists or who are always finding some new or hidden revelation out of God’s Word and selling their latest book.

This is not the first time the world has faced a pandemic.

   There have been at least three great world plague pandemics recorded, each time causing devastating mortality of people across nations and continents into the millions. They were caused and transmitted by bats, rats and fleas. During these pandemics, many people often felt it was the beginning of the end or it was God’s judgment.

 Is God judging America?

   There are many places in the Bible that connect drought, famine, pestilence and defeat in war with God’s judgment on a person or people because they have turned from Him. See Numbers 25:9-11, 1 Chronicles 21:12, 2 Chronicles 21:12 to name a few) However, the Scriptures do not always connect sickness to God’s judgment because of personal or corporate transgressions. In the New Testament, Jesus corrected His disciples’ faulty reasoning that tied all physical sufferings to personal sins. (John 9:1-3) In the gospel of Matthew 8:23, we read the story of Jesus calming the storm while He was in the boat with His disciples. Jesus rebuked the storm as though it was an attack from the devil. It is clear here that this storm was NOT the wrath of God judging them for their sin. It was the devil trying to destroy Jesus and His disciples. Also in the Book of Job, the horrific destruction of Job’s children and all of his wealth came as a result of an attack from the devil. These stories show us that sometimes bad things could be an attack of Satan. So, according to the Bible, tumultuous times can be EITHER the result of God’s wrath or the devil trying to destroy God’s people. We must be very careful jumping to quick conclusions whenever bad things happen to people or to a country.
It is obvious that our country has fallen away from our Christian foundations. So, yes, it is possible that God is judging America for our sins. But it is not only the United States that is struggling but the entire world. It is also possible that Satan is trying to destroy America and these other nations because he hates us. Jesus said that the devil came to steal, kill, and destroy. (John 10:10) Satan hates people and he knows that anything he can do to destroy and hurt people hurts God’s heart. Much like the devil was trying to destroy Jesus in the boat and like the devil was trying to destroy Job, this virus could be the work of the devil that we must resist. As of right now, I have not personally heard a clear word from God regarding this virus. I have not heard from any spiritual leaders, that I respect, give a clear word from God. Until I hear from God, I am going to lean towards the belief that this is NOT God judging the United States but rather this virus is the work of the devil trying to kill, hurt, and destroy. I am standing on Jesus’ words in John 10:10. I am going to do everything in my power to pray against it and help all those who are suffering as a result of it.

 Is this the beginning of the end of the world?

   I have studied end-time prophecies in the Bible for forty years. I will gladly and humbly admit that I do not have the full revelation of what exactly the end times are going to look like. I believe the Book of Revelations is about the end times but to be sure, it is somewhat difficult to understand. I have my personal view of how it is all going to unfold, but I will humbly admit that if the world ends tomorrow, I was wrong! But according to my view of how the world ends, as recorded in the Book of Revelations and elsewhere in the Bible, I do NOT believe that what we are experiencing right now is what is spoken about during the last seven-year tribulation. So no, I do NOT believe this is the beginning of the end!
Now, I do believe we are moving closer to the end times. I believe things are happening that are bringing us closer to the time of the tribulation. I do believe things like the internet, moving towards a cashless society, world travel, talk of a one-world government, anti-Christian movements, and so on, are all moving us towards the end. But I DO NOT believe the seven-year tribulation that is spoken of in the Book of Revelations has begun yet.

 Some Bible passages I have heard people quoting
1.     Revelations chapter 6. This chapter speaks of the 4 horsemen judging the earth. These horsemen are prophesied to bring war, famine, death caused by a pandemic, and death caused by the beasts of the earth (rats, mad cow disease, swine flu) to the extent that one-fourth of mankind will be slain! I do NOT believe that the Corona virus is the fulfillment of Revelations Chapter 6. I believe that the seven-year tribulation that is spoken of in the Book of Revelations lists off a sequence of events that have to take place. Things like a one-world government, a one-world economic system, and the rise of a one-world leader all need to take place first. Once we see this then these judgments of the 4 horsemen will begin to happen.
2.   Isaiah 26:20. Did God speak about a time He would quarantine everyone? In this chapter He was speaking prophetically about the nation of Israel. It seems this is an end-time prophecy to be fulfilled in the Book of Revelations during the tribulation. This passage is NOT speaking about the quarantine we are all experiencing right now.

 What should we do?

1. Do a little soul searching
“In the day of hard times we should consider.” (Ecclesiastes 7:14). Ask yourself are you right with God? If you feel this pandemic is an expression of divine punishment against sin, then repent and ask God’s forgiveness.
2. Pray for our governmental leaders for God to give them wisdom.
I think it is good to try to respect them and trust them as much as possible. That is what the Bible says.
3. Get connected to a faith community, a church.
Don’t be isolated. Quarantines can isolate people. During plaques in the past, people deserted loved ones, friends and neighbors. Rather than only worrying about yourself, look out for others. Check in on your neighbors, friends, relatives, co-workers. Ask them if they need any help. Even if they don’t need help just say hello and engage in conversation. Walk in love towards others. Be outward focused.
4. Have some preparations for emergencies.
Do you have access to clean water and food for 30 days or more? Are you connected to a farmer in case the food chain breaks? Do you have some cash and some first aid supplies? Consider what it would be like to be without electricity.
5. Ask God what He would have you to do.
Believe Romans 8:28. “All things work together for the good to those who love God and are called according to His purposes.” Everyone can do something. Ask your pastor if there is something you can do. Check with community leaders, civic groups, neighborhood groups, etc. Be creative.
6. Trust God. Don’t panic or be fearful.
These are times that test our faith. If we give in to fear then we are not trusting God. There is so much bad news out there, that it is easy to become fearful. Make sure you are feeding your spirit and soul with regular Bible reading, quiet time for prayer, and worship music.

I hope this helps. Praying for God to deliver us from this evil.

Pastor Dave



Sealed Forever


Revelations Chapters 20 through 22

Sealed forever


I have a deluxe food sealer that claims you can seal food for years! I use it to seal wild game and fish that I catch. I am not sure I would trust it to seal food for more than one year though. This week’s reading is from Revelations 22:11, “He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still.” This is talking about a sealing process that is so permanent that it will last FOREVER. Jesus is saying that when we die we are sealed in the state we die in forever! Jesus talked about this in Matthew chapter 25, when He explained what it would be like on Judgment Day. He said the goats will be on the one side and when He rebukes them for their ‘unjust, filthy’ lifestyle, rather than repent and ask for forgiveness, they try to pass the blame back onto Jesus. They claim they didn’t know. Ignorance of what is right is never an acceptable excuse. What Jesus is saying is that people who chose to live a lifestyle of selfishness and rebellion will be sealed in that lifestyle for eternity. They won’t even consider repenting when they are judged. This helps explain why there is going to be a Hell. People who reject God in this life will also reject Him in the hereafter. There is no second chance or repenting on Judgment Day. We make that decision now, every day. Our daily decisions become who we are and when we die we are sealed in that state. So who are you serving? Who have you surrendered your life to? Make the right choice today and choose to serve Jesus. It is the ultimate sealing process and will become who you are and will seal your eternal destiny.

What is it going to take to make 2018 BETTER than 2017?


Is it going to take luck or the proper alignment of the stars, winning the lotto, coincidences, or someone else changing? No, none of those will make 2018, except maybe the last one. Things like making some personal changes, better organization or a stronger spiritual life are more likely to produce a better 2018.

In Psalm 90:12 we read, “Teach us to number our days that we may use them wisely.” Why would it be helpful to number our days? This simply reminds us that we don’t have unlimited time to accomplish the things we want to accomplish. When preparing for retirement one of the first questions asked usually deals with is, “How much time do you have left?” According to research and statistics, if you retire at 65 right now, are married, are reasonably healthy, and middle class or above, there is a 90% chance you will live to be 95 years old. Other things to obviously consider: accidents, genetics, and a nuclear war! This psalm says if we keep the idea of the limited time that we have on this earth it will help us use them wisely. This wisdom is expressed in a few other proverbs. Proverbs 13:16. “A wise man thinks ahead; a fool doesn’t and even brags about it.” Proverbs 22:3 “A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.” These scriptures are talking about making plans for our future and living intentionally instead of walking through life and letting stuff just happen. Even if we can’t think of numbering 30 or more years, how about one year at a time? We are already a week or two into the New Year, we only have about 350 days left in 2018. What kind of plans are we making so that 2018 is better than 2017? What goals do we have for this year? Have we written them down?

Without goals, you will have way too many regrets as you get older. We all have mistakes we have made in the past, but we don’t want to get to the end of the race and look back to a life of regrets. Here is a list of some of the top things old people regret as they come to their end:

1. Not taking more risks, especially when it came to pursuing dreams. The number one regret that people have on their death beds is that they were never brave enough to take that risk to pursue their dreams, but settled for what others expected of them. They regretted not taking responsibility for their choices. 

  • 2. Not taking more time to enjoy and develop family and friend relationships. In almost EVERY male the common thread here was that they worked too much and spent too much time and energy pursuing their careers and as a result neglected family and friends. Here is a hint, if you are working late regularly, it will cost you! If you have unfinished work at the end of the day, go home on time and come in early the next day. The key here is balance. We all have to work but we need to know when to stop! And one more thing, when around family and friends, turn off the smartphone!

 Even though we have goals, we need to always remember that our lives are in God’s hands. Proverbs 16:9. “A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps.” As we make our goals, we need to keep our hearts open to the leading of God’s Holy Spirit and submitted to His will. We may have a goal that we are pursuing and somewhere along the line, God may have something else for us to do. Remember that He sees the beginning to the end and be willing to make the changes as we go along. If you don’t want to live a life of regrets, ask God to help you ‘number your days,” so we use them wisely. Making goals that will challenge us and make us better people will help us to use our days wisely.

You’ve got a wedding invitation


Revelations Chapters 17 through 19

You’ve got a wedding invitation


This week’s reading is found in Revelations 19:9, “Blessed are those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb.” I have officiated many weddings in my life. After the wedding ceremony, there is the reception. I don’t know of too many other celebrations that are more exciting, fun and enjoyable than a wedding celebration. They are filled with great food, dancing, toasts, and laughter! According to this passage, there is going to be one final wedding that will take place in heaven. After it, there is going to be the biggest wedding reception in the history of the world! The music, food, laughter, and dancing are truly going to be “out of this world!”

One thing for sure, though, there will not be any wedding crashers at this wedding reception. Only those who have their wedding invitation will be allowed in. In Luke 14:15-24 Jesus told a story about this wedding feast. It appears that the invitation has been given to everyone, but many have refused to come. Many made excuses that they were just too busy and could not come. Don’t make this mistake! God is preparing for a great day in heaven when all of His followers will be gathered together to celebrate what Jesus has done. It will be like a great wedding when Jesus is united with His church and the reception is going to one that people will be talking about forever! Do you have your invitation?

Harps or Hail!


Revelations Chapters 14 through 16

Harps or hail!


This weeks’ reading is found in Revelations chapters 14 and 15. It talks about people playing their harps in heaven. Now I am not a musician and playing the harp in heaven never seemed to be of great interest to me, but when given the option of either playing the harp in heaven or experiencing the alternative mentioned in 16:21 “Great hail from heaven fell upon men, each hailstone about the weight of a ton.” I like the idea of playing the harp!

The Book of Revelations may be hard to completely understand, but one thing becomes very clear, a day of judgment is coming! People may get away with doing bad things for a while but there will be a day when everyone will be held accountable before God. Those who have chosen to reject God’s ways, those who have chosen to follow their own ways will experience judgment and punishment that is almost too hard to comprehend. According to these chapters, there really are only two choices. Either we chose to “Follow the Lamb wherever He goes,” 14:4, and “Keep the commandments of God,” 14:12 or we chose to “worship the beast,” 14:9, and “Blaspheme the name of God…and not repent.” 15:9. Like it or not, it is coming! Make your choice now before it is too late.

What does God say about those who litter?


Revelations Chapters 11 through 13

What does God say about those who litter?


   One time a few years ago someone asked to borrow my van to pick up some furniture they had purchased. When I got the van back the gas gauge was on empty, some of the radio presets were changed, it was dirty, there were a few new scratches on the back door, and the seats were not put back in. As you can imagine I was rather disappointed. Most of my disappointment was because someone who called themselves my friend showed such disregard for my property. “The time has come … that they should be judged. He will destroy those who destroy the earth.” Revelations 11:18. Interesting. It seems our Heavenly Father also gets a bit perturbed at those who show disregard for His property too. We have a responsibility to care for His creation. He wants us to enjoy it but He expects us to care for it. I am sad to say, I don’t think we are doing a very good job.
This passage is a reference to the time of judgment that will eventually come upon the earth. At that time, every human being will be held accountable to God for what they have done with their lives and there is a specific reference to those who have destroyed the earth. Since the 1960s, there has been a great deal of concern and controversy about man’s relationship to the environment and nature. I realize there is a lot of variety in this movement from the environmental terrorists to conservationists who seek to preserve wilderness areas. But I believe most environmentalists hold to similar core values. Their concern is primarily a reaction to businesses that have exploited the environment for man’s greedy and materialistic pursuits, by clear-cutting entire forests without any effort at replanting and without any care for the damage to the wildlife, or to dumping wastes in our rivers, streams, and lakes, or to strip mining mountains and leaving the remains without any concern for soil erosion, or for releasing toxic fumes into our atmosphere. This reference to destroying the earth would also include those who are destroying the earth with litter and waste. There are some things being done to our environment that ought to get people upset.

   Do you think that God cares about people who destroy His creation or who deliberately destroy our environment by polluting our rivers, or who destroy our forests, or who pollute our air? A day of judgment is coming for those who destroy the earth! We need to be careful that we are not abusing our environment. We need to be more conscientious of our consumer mentality and our continual desire for more and the lifestyle that promotes destruction to our environment. We don’t need to become environmental terrorists or fanatics, but we should be living a bit more intentional about our use of the environment and be more aware of what kind of ‘carbon footprint’ we are leaving. Let’s make sure we are not destroying creation or polluting with litter or waste. Man’s rule and dominion over the earth is that of a steward or a caretaker, not a reckless exploiter.

The sound of silence


Revelations Chapters 7 through 10

This week’s reading is found in Revelations chapter 8:1. “There was silence in heaven for about half an hour.” Simon and Garfunkel wrote a famous song, “The sound of silence.” It is a song about people talking but no one listening. But this half hour of silence seems to be a good thing. It is a reference to a dramatic pause to symbolize the awe and dread with which the heavenly hosts await the events about to occur. The hushed thirty-minute silence makes the judgments about to be announced more dreaded. Imagine thirty minutes of silence to contemplate what is about to happen!

Today we live in a loud and distracting world, where silence is increasingly difficult to come by and that may be negatively affecting our health. In fact, a 2011 World Health Organization report called noise pollution a “modern-day plague” concluding that “there is overwhelming evidence that exposure to environmental noise has adverse effects on the health of the population.” We’re constantly filling our ears with music, TV and radio news, podcasts. Think about it. How many moments each day do you spend in total silence? The answer is probably very few. I actually think some people are afraid of silence! But silence is a good thing. A 2006 study published in the journal Heart found two minutes of silence to be more relaxing than listening to “relaxing” music, based on changes in blood pressure and blood circulation in the brain.⁠1 Quiet times help us gather our thoughts, and can often be times for God’s Holy Spirit to speak to us. If a half hour of silence is good enough in heaven surely it can be beneficial on earth. Why not build some quiet time into your lives and see what happens.



When I get to heaven, I get what???


Revelations Chapters 1-3

This week’s reading is found in Revelations 2:17. “To him who overcomes … I will give him a white stone, and on the stone, a new name written which no one knows except him who received it.” I remember reading this one day and then I stopped and began to pray about it. “Wow God that is so great, if I overcome all these temptations and serve You my entire life when I get to heaven You are going to give me a rock! Thanks, just what I always wanted, a rock! I mean what am I going to do with a white stone? How about at least some wings and a harp!” Then God revealed something to me about this white stone. This white stone will be a little secret between God and me, a name that we call each other that no one else can enter into. Sort of like the funny names that husbands and wives call each other. “Honey, sweets, babe, dear, binky, etc.” The white stone is sort of like a secret club that only you and God belong to.

We sometimes have this fear that when we get to heaven we will be lost in the crowd. We fear that only the bigwigs will hang out together with God and we will be left off in the corner by ourselves. Moses, Noah, Abraham, David, Daniel, Peter, Paul and so on, will be the only ones who get to hang out with God. Not so. Each one of us will have a special relationship with God that no one else can enter into. This white stone guarantees immediate access to God’s attention. God knows us by name. What a feeling. Once I was at a meeting with a big-time pastor in the city. I was a young guy at the time. At the end of the meeting that pastor came up and called me by my name! I was so honored. “Wow, he knew my name!” I was so honored. “Wow, somebody famous knows me.” Imagine how it is going to feel when God calls us by our name! In Isa 65:24, we read, “Before you call, He will answer, while we are speaking He will hear.” Somehow when we are in heaven we will have God’s undivided attention when we talk to Him! We won’t be lost in the crowd, we won’t end up in the corner all by ourselves. We will have God’s special attention in heaven even with all the bigwigs. Now I don’t know about you but that does something for me! Forget the harp and wings and give me that stone!

God wants you to prosper


III John

This week’s reading is found in III John verse 2. “Beloved I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” Here we find a prayer of threefold value. 1. I pray that you prosper in ALL things. 2. I pray that you are healthy so you can enjoy the prosperity. 3. I pray that you prosper in your health as much as you prosper in your spirit and soul. John desired that the church prospered IN ALL THINGS, just as they prospered mentally and spiritually, he wanted them to prosper materially or physically. Prosper means to flourish, thrive, grow in a vigorous way, to do better, to succeed at reaching something desirable. In John 10:10 Jesus said that He came to give us the life of abundance. He designed a life that overflowed with good and was well supplied and rich. Never forget this, above all things, God desires for His people to prosper; spiritually, mentally, physically and materially. Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply wrong!

Have you been cleansed?


I John Chapters 1 through 5

This week’s reading is from I John 1:7-8. “If we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”  Many years ago God opened this passage up to me and it has been a life verse ever since. When we come to God and confess our sins, He forgives us, not because He is just a nice guy, He forgives us because “it is just.” This means that God’s laws demand that when we sin someone has to pay the penalty for our sins. Jesus offered to do this on the cross. When we sin, God’s law is met and the penalty is paid in Jesus. It is like when a person who breaks the laws and is declared guilty and has to go to jail. But instead of that person going to jail, someone else who is totally innocent goes in his place. Most of us know this part of forgiveness, but the second part is even more exciting. Since we have been forgiven, God cleanses the record. He erases the offense. It is as though it never happened! Even in our country if a criminal pays for his crime by going to jail, his record follows him wherever he goes, not so with God’s kingdom. Once we are forgiven, God cleanses the record. When a Christian understands this, it brings such freedom and liberation from the weight of guilt. How good it is to know that God has not only forgiven us, but He has the ability to erase the offense from the books. We actually can stand before Him as righteous. I believe this is a small insight into judgment day as well. When we stand before God on that day, it is going to be like the angels will put a DVD of our life on for everyone to watch. But since all of our sins have not only been forgiven, they have been edited, the movie will only show a life of perfection! Incredible. Now for sure, some people’s DVD’s will be short, like the thief on the cross, and some may be quite a bit longer, like maybe Billy Graham’s, but no matter what, it will be an awesome experience. Not one of our sins will ever show up on that DVD. If you have confessed your sins to God, He has forgiven you and cleansed you!